Secretary of Education

Dr. Pietro Federico Secretary of Education


1975 Degree in Medicine at La Sapienza University in Rome
1976-2016 L.M.H.I. Member
1976 Diploma of Homeopathic Medical doctor of the A.I.M.O.H. - Accademia Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemanniana - President Prof. Dr. Antonio Negro - Rome
1976-1987 Medical and teaching consultant for CE.M.O.N. - Centro di Medicina Omeopatica Napoletano - Naples
1976-2009 Author of numerous pubblications and texts of homeopathy
1978-2014 Conference speaker in numerous National and International Congresses of Homeopathy
1980 - 1984 Supervisor of six degree theses in Medicine, dealing with Homeopathy at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.
1982 Diploma of Homeopath at the Homeopatia de Mexico Director Dr. P. S. Ortega.
1982 Certificate of teaching by Homeopatia de Mexico.
1982 - 1987 – Editorial manager of the magazine "Medicina Omeopatica" - L.U.I.M.O. - Libera Università Internazionale di Medicina Omeopatica – Naples
1982-1987 Teacher of homeopathy in the three-year course A.I.M.O.H. CE.M.O.N. L.U.I.M.O.
1987-2002 Teacher of homeopathic pharmacology and methodology in the three-year course of homeopathy at MEDOM - I.R.M.S.O. - Roma
1987-1997 / 2001-2012 President of I.R.M.S.O. - Istituto per la Ricerca Medico Scientifica Omeopatica - Rome publishing the review Acta Medica Homeopathica.
1988 Teacher of homeopathy at the Hospital Medical School in Naples.
1990-2001 Teacher of Homeopathy – School of Homeopatia de Mexico
1990-1998 Assistant of the L.M.H.I. (Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis) National Vice-president.
1991 Teacher of the Course in Homeopathic Medicine of the Association of Homeopathic Medicine in Prague - Czech Republic.

1992-1995 Member of the Committee for the Teaching of Homeopathy of the UE member states of the L.M.H.I.
1993-1995 Teacher at the School of Homeopathic Medicine - O.M. in Foggia - Italia
1994 - 1996 - President of the Organizing Committee of the 51st L.M.H.I. International Congress (Capri - Italia - October 2-6,1996).
1995 - Conference speaker at the 1st Meeting of Homeopathic Medicine with GPs on the subject: “The general Practitioner and homeopathy - Homeopathic Pharmacology” - Rome,
1995 Conference speaker at the 2nd Meeting of Homeopathic Medicine with GPs on the subject: "The Directive EEC for Homeopathic medicines" - Rome
1996-1998 President of the review "Acta Medica Homeopathica" - I.R.M.S.O – Rome, Collaborator of the review "Quaderni MEDOM" - Rome
1998-2002 Teacher of the Course of Homeopathic Medicine at the Institute of Radiology of at the University "Federico II" in Naples organized by F.O.I. - Fondazione Omeopatica Italiana
1998-2001 Vice-President for Italy of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis
1998 Director of the School - Education - Teaching District of F.I.A.M.O.
1998-2003 Teacher of the District SFI F.I.A.M.O.
1999-2009 Member of the Permanente Forum for non-conventional Medicine at the Medical Association of Rome
1999-2009 Director of the School of Education in Homeopathy - I.R.M.S.O. - Rome
1999-2002 Teacher of S.I.M.O - Società Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica - Italia
2002 Founder and Vice-president of ASSUM - Ass. per la Universalità della Medicina - Roma
2002-2016 Director in 65 ECM events
2004 University Professor in L’Aquila - Perfectioning Course in Homeopathic Medicine Omeopatica
2007-2012 Vice President for Italy of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis L.M.H.I.