Secretary of Research

Prof. Dr. Ashley Ross Secretary of Research

South Africa

Deputy Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences
Durban University of Techology
a) Highest Academic Qualification
Doctor of Technology in Homoeopathy, Durban University of Technology, 2011.
b) Other Academic Qualifications
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research Ethics cum laude, Stellenbosch University, 2013
Master of Technology in Homoeopathy, Technikon Natal, 2007
Bachelor of Music (Performance) cum laude, University of Cape Town, 1990
c) Additional Training
1. Strategic Work- Towards a Strategic Plan, Footsteps International, Durban, April 2013.
2. Faculty of Health Sciences Ethics Workshop, DUT, Durban, November 2011.
3. EndNote Training Course, DUT, Durban, March 2010.
4. NVivo Training Course, QSR International, Durban, November 2009.
5. Assessor Training Course, Council on Higher Education, Durban, May 2008.
6. Evaluator Preparation Workshop, Council on Higher Education, Johannesburg, February 2006.
7. Performance Management Workshop, HESA, Cape Town, November 2005.
8. ‘Training in Ethics’ Workshop, Centre for Research Promotion and Development (DIT), Durban, October 2005.
9. Assertiveness Skills for Managers, Institute of International Research, Johannesburg, April 2002.
10. Time Management Skills for Managers, Institute of International Research, Johannesburg, February 2002.
11. Postgraduate Supervision and Training Workshop [Prof. Chris Kapp], Technikon Natal, Durban, May 2000.
12. 3rd International Symposium on Problem-Based Learning, Durban, September 1996.
d) Effective Teaching Performance
1. Clinical supervision within Clinical Homoeopathy V (2002 – present)
2. M.Tech Level co-ordination (2010 – present)
3. Academic teaching of:
• Materia Medica I (2015)
• Homoeopharmaceutics IV (2014 – present)
• Materia Medica V (2002 – present)
• Diagnostics IV (2013 – present)
• Auxiliary Therapeutics III (Herbal medicine) (2009 – 2014)
• Philosophy, Principles and History I (2002 – 2014)