Immediate Past President

Dr. Alok Pareek Immediate Past President


• In active Homoeopathic practice for more than three decades
• Director of the Pareek Hospital and Research Center
• Best known for his work on the management of severe pathologies through Homoeopathy developed through his extensive practice of hundreds of patients daily.
• Senior expert member of the Faculty of Post-Graduate Homoeopathic Education, University of Agra (India)
• Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Homoeopathy to the Govt. of U.P (India)
• Member of the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy – CCRH, Govt. of India
• Author of “Krebs Heilbar Durch Homöopathie” (Management of Cancer Curable through Homeopathy) and of “Homoeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies”
• Recipient of several Best Presentation Awards at International Congresses
• His teaching seminars are held 6-7 times a year across Europe and Asia and are attended by around 700 homeopaths annually.
• Associated with the LMHI since 1977
• Scientific Chairman of the LMHI Congress held in New Delhi in 2011.