The passing of Dr. Ron Harris

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Ron Harris. He passed away peacefully on Thursday, January 4th, 2018, 4:30pm EST at Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Dadaji was one month short of his 102nd birthday.

Another attack in Italy against Homeopathy

In Italy, another attack on Homeopathy occurred yesterday. The most representative associations in the homeopathic and anthroposophic field (FIAMO, SIOMI, SIMA) considered filled the vessel of tolerance and they wrote all along a press release...

”Homeopathy is a recognized and effective therapy for patients” (BPI)

The Bundesverband der Pharmazeutische Industrie e.v (BPI) from Germany, has declared that: ”homeopathy is a recognized and effective therapy for patients,” and showed its support to homeopathy. According to the document, it is a “recognized and accepted therapy for the German patients and the first choice for many of them.”

The Liga Letter Vol. 22 - 2016

The new Liga Letter 2016 is published. You can read detailed information about the new board members, the 71st LMHI Congress and more. Enjoy......

Hans Walz prize for studies on the history of homeopathy

The aim of the prize is to promote the research of the history of homoeopathy outside the Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation. The prize will be awarded for a major study (Master- or Diploma-thesis, doctoral dissertation, monograph, article) which is either still unpublished or published in 2015, 2016 or 2017. The language can be German, English or French. The prize amounts to 1500 Euro.

Letter to FTC in Response to Statement on Homeopathy


The American Institute of Homeopathy applauds the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) goal of protecting the American public from false advertising claims, but in a recent circumstance we believe the FTC has overstepped its jurisdictional bounds and promulgated false information in what appears to be a bid to restrict health care choices available to the American public.

LMHI accepted as a Non-Profit Organization


In March 2013, the LMHI moved its statutory seat from Geneva, Switzerland, to the original house of Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Koethen (Anhalt), Germany. One of the reasons for this decisive step was the intention to achieve the status of a non-profit organization for the LMHI. In August 2013, the German tax offices granted the LMHI this status of a non-profit organization. From now on, the LMHI has the possibility to receive donations and issue receipts.