Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

LMHI is a world umbrella organisation for homeopathic doctors and homeopathic associations with members from 76 countries. It was founded in Rotterdam on 10 September 1925 by fourteen homeopathic physicians from nine countries. The American Dr. Roy Upham was its first President. The LMHI was established under the terms of Swiss civil law with Geneva designated as its registered office. The new seat of the LMHI is since 2013 in Kothen-Germany, Walstrasse 45, House of S. Hahnemann. It is now registered as Non Profit Organization The purpose of the LMHI is the development of homeopathy worldwide and the creation of a link between homeopaths with medical diplomas and also between societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy.