LMHI - Who can be a member?

There are three classes of members in the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI):

Institutional Full Members

Institutional Members are National Homeopathic Organizations and Institutions. Persons whose national homeopathic organization pays collective LMHI dues are members by virtue of that association. These active Members are medical physicians, veterinary surgeons, dental surgeons, and pharmacists with a full degree in the respective field from a National University, Faculty, Examining Board or Licensing Authority recognized by the government of the country of their citizenship and practice. A homeopathic physician, veterinary surgeon, dental surgeon or pharmacist is a graduate, licensed practitioner who has obtained special training in homeopathy for which he possesses LMHI recognized diploma(s) and who applies the Law of Similars in his practice. These members are voting members.

Individual Full  Members

Individual Full Members are persons possessing the qualifications described under Active Members above whose country does not have a national organization through which they can obtain Institutional Membership.

Associate Members

All persons with qualifications recognized nationally, who have undertaken homeopathic training recognized by the LMHI, such as medical students, chemists and all persons, who are licensed health care providers, such as naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and, generally, persons and institutions who by their profession or activities can contribute to homeopathy, such as scientists, researchers, authors, research institutes, charity organizations, patient organizations may become associate members of the association (“associate members”). These members have no voting right. 

Membership Dues

The LMHI membership fee system is based on the most recent data of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita from the World Bank. The fee is paid according to the categories per member and year. 

    15 euro for Category A: GDP > 12.500 USD per capita           

    10 euro for Category B: GDP 12.500-6.500 USD per capita    

     7 euro for Category C: GDP < 6.500 USD per capita            

(contact for details: lmhi.assistant@gmail.com 

The membership fee can only be paid by wireless transfer to the LMHI bank account or by credit card draft.

LMHI Certificate
On request, a member can receive a printed LMHI Membership Certificate with a special stamp for each year of membership.

Contact for Membership Requests: lmhi.assistant@gmail.com