6th International Conference on 6-7th of April, 2019 Istanbul, Turkey

Dear All,

As the Homeopathic Association in Turkey, we have been organizing an international conference every year since 2013, each time around 10th of April. This conference enables us to unite as a community, to learn from international experts and exchange knowledge between us since we have also accumulated a lot of information during our 15-year experience in Turkey.

This time, we have chosen the theme ‘Healthy Living; Homeopathy and Nutrition’ since nutrition is one of our most important issues as it has lost its natural quality in our ever evolving World. We know that some of the diseases of the modern World have originated from false habits of nutrition and we know that some of the chronic disease can totally becured by changing dietary attitude. Homeopathic treatment can also act better and quicker, if the patient lives in a healthy and natural way and the obstacles against healing are removed. That is why the facts about nutrition and right attitudes are also important for us.

In our modern era, while the developed half of the World is suffering from overeating and the diseases as a result of this, the other half is starving or suffering from consequences of insufficient diet. That fact leads to many different proposals for right type of diet.

In order to discuss all those facts and various relationships between diseases and nutrition, and ‘to do’s and not to do’s in this field in a scientific way, we would like to invite everyone interested in our 6th International Conference on 6-7th of April, 2019. We would appreciate if you can join us and spread the word.

Medical Society for Homeopathy