Argentinian School with Dr. Gustavo Cataldi

Argentinian School with Dr. Gustavo Cataldi , 11-13 May 2018, Izmir-Turkey

• The art of taking the Clinic case: Pure Homeopathy Method
Many old masters taught how we must take the clinic case. In this matter, we have to remember that we should be the more objective and acute than we could be in selecting the symptoms that we are going to choose for the repertorization.
Tomás Pablo Paschero added the biopatographic history in the search of the simillimum, and this gave a particular tone in the art of interrogation of the Argentinean school.
In order to get some methodology that could be used in an intersubjective way, Hugo Carrara and Marcelo Candegabe created the Pure Homeopathy Method. It is an eight steps system which it is going to be taught during the seminar.

• Materia Medica: To see beyond the symptoms
There are many ways of studying the Materia Medica, from the most superficial (those that do not go beyond memorising the symptoms) to those that try to show a coherence that underlies the symptoms and that speaks of what is beyond the visible, the essence of the substance. They are increasing degrees of complexity in the study of Materia Medica that will be taught in the seminar to see this.

• Vitalism: from Hahnemann to Paschero
In the history of homeopathy there were different ways of considering vitalism, a central concept in the doctrine of homeopathy. Hahneman laid the foundation stone and Kent added his point of view. Tomás Paschero, who was a disciple of Alfred Grimmer (in turn, student of Kent) made a very original contribution in this regard.