Newsletter No: 19 December issue is released

Newsletter No: 19 December issue is released. All our members can read it on the Member Dashboard. Here are the topics:
•Welcoming the New Executive Board of LMHI ; pictures with short biographies
•President’s editorial
•Editor’s Note
•Immediate Past President Dr. Renzo Galassi ; The “New Age” of our LMHI Newsletter…
•Hahnemann’s Patrimony ; Dr. P. Schmidt
•Tribute to James Tyler Kent on the Occasion of his 100th Day of Death ; Dr. K.H. Gypser
•James Taylor Kent – His Part in Homeopathic Pharmacy ; Heike Gypser
•Rice Story ; Raffaella Pomposelli
•Title: Quantumphysical Efficacy of Homeopathy ; Dr. Karin Lenger
•Hanz Wals Preis 2017
•The Quiz Part ; Dr. Pietro Gulia
•Introducing the New Group for the Newsletter
•Our sincere and special thanks to Jelka Milic and to Jose Matuk Kanan ; Dr. Renzo Galassi

Enjoy reading...... :)