Issues of the Quarterly Homeopathic Digest by Dr. KS Srinivasan

A great gift to the Homeopathic Community by a great Hahnemannian doctor, Dr. K.S.Srinivasan – the QHD.  

Dear friends, I have the honor to write some lines to inform you of a great gift we received from one old Indian colleague. Thanks to some coincidences, I had the possibility to enter in contact with Dr. KS Srinivasan of Chennai, India. 

The first time was in Koethen during the congress ICE 9, perfectly organized by Dr. Carl Rudolf Klinkeberg, Dr. Srinivasan was one of the invited speakers, I could exchange with him some words, (that time I was the LMHI General secretary) the visit cards and nothing more.

Two or three years later, Ulrich Fischer told me something about a very good publication written by Dr. Srinivasan, but it was spread only among a few colleagues around the world.

Lately, after my visit to Dr. Gypser, in Glees-Germany, he gave me the mailing address of Dr. Srinivasan and the contact with him started. He is a very classical Homeopathic doctor and has been writing a compilation of articles from all the homeopathic magazines of the world for more than 30 years. HE added occasionally his personal comments coming from his huge experience.

When he sent to me as a sample, 2-3 issues of the Quarterly Homeopathic Digest, I felt the desire to ask him to upload this treasure on our website for the use of our Fraternity, as you can read below:

“Thank you very much dear Dr. Srinivasan………, I am thinking about the idea of putting  your publication on the LMHI website for the knowledge of our members. Your work is precious and it could be wonderful to spread this pure gold to our colleagues around the world.  Let me know, kind regards, renzo galassi”


He answered very quickly as written below:

“Dear Dr.Galassi,

Of course you can do so.  My purpose is that these should reach more members of the fraternity. I do not think that you have all the copies of the QHD, thirty-one years - not less than 5000 pages. My earlier numbers contained a lot more sources; in the recent years the number of journals have become too small; several journals have closed down.    If you like, I will mail all the earlier numbers. = KSS”

I asked for a short introduction to his work and beneath you find the words of Dr. Srinivasan and a recent photo of him. 

On behalf of the LMHI community, I want to thank so much Dr. Srinivasan for his tireless work and his generosity to share with us all these wonderful information.  Renzo Galassi – LMHI President

Dear Dr.Galassi,

I am sorry that I could not write to you earlier due to pressure of work in my clinic. As you may be knowing ours is a populous country and the number of doctors is less; more so with regard to Homoeopathy.

Here are a few words to introduce to Homeopathic Fraternity my QHD-Quarterly Homeopathic Digest.

English knowledge, good knowledge is essential to study the good homeopathic literature - Wells, Dunham. Lippe, Boger, et al., who all belonged to the golden Era of Homoeopathy.  You also know that when Dr.Kunzli von Fimmelsberg went to Pierre Schmidt to study, he was asked to improve his English first and then come again.  

Personally I can say that the number of homeopaths is big now, the sale of medicines (mostly combinations) is booming, but Homoeopathy of Hahnemann is not.

Now to come to myself: I am Government registered homeopathic Practitioner, who entered before colleges came on - there were a few doctors that time, but in the far Calcutta and Delhi - and I was licensed to Practice Homoeopathy.  Fortunately there were a small number of seniors who had studied with stalwarts doctors like Roberts, Elizabeth-Wright Hubbard, etc. We had the benefit of these Seniors and we had few books only then; not even six. Among them were: Allen’s Key Notes, Nash’s Leaders, Kent Lectures, Farrington’s Clinical Materia Medica.  We therefore read these books again and again and again until they were well impressed in our minds, and in those pre-antibiotic days, we had wonderful results. Whereas, Allopathy failed in Carbuncles, Fevers, etc.  Our great and rapid successes infused great confidence in Homoeopathy.

There were few good journals and we devoured them. 

Later on, the new Graduates lacked confidence and were unwilling to work hard, read, etc.  The Allopathic doctors were ordering MRIs, Scans, Blood tests, ECGs, EEGs, etc. and the homoeopaths did not know a lot of these innovations and felt inferior. 

So many of them enlisted in the Hospitals and worked as Frontline doctors!  I therefore felt that if the present-day homoeopathic doctors could be introduced to the great work done by stalwart colleagues, they might be better.  I also wanted that they should organize study circles, etc.   This was the purpose of the QHD.  

Drs. Will Klunker, Jacques Baur, George Vithoukas, K.H. Gypser, D.P.Rastogi, Diwan Harish Chand were the main teachers and are very enthusiastic readers of the QHD.  

Julian Winston was very appreciative of the work and until his passing away I had communication. The Journal Homeopathy Today was also being received, but then stopped after Julian’s death. Therefore I began the QHD in 1984.  

From the beginning I had regular contacts with Dr. Will Klunker, Dr. Jacques Baur (both having gone to rest), with whom I had long time correspondence on all homeopathic matters, exchange of books, etc.

I had learnt German in the meantime, so that I could read the books in the original language.  I came into contact with Dr. Gypser more than 30 years ago.  The QHD was distributed only to a limited number of colleagues.  Certainly many colleagues were helped very much with the material in the QHD.  

Several Journals were available during the years 1980 to 1995. Then they began to fold up; mainly because of, in my personal opinion, the  new teachings of the ‘illuminists’ or ‘innovators’ of our Medicine. 

 George Vithoulkas was a very interested reader of the QHD.  When I once thought of closing the journal, he told me personally to not do so. “As long as it is helpful even for one person, you continue”, he told me. And I have been doing so.  

There is no copyright or anything for the QHD. it should reach the maximum number of practitioners.  

 Shortly I will send you the remaining copies of the QHD.  The LIGA or any one can make many monographs with the QHD including: contents, regarding different topics, old doctors histories, diseases treatment, remedies, history or even the so-called researches so far made, etc. 

I have written rather in great length; whatever came to my mind.  Please pick up only what is necessary for your ’news’.

 Kind regards, KS Srinivasan