Switzerland-National Vice President for Switzerland

Dr. Franziska Bläuer
Franziska Bläuer
Florastrasse 14
8610 Uster

E-Mail: franziska.blauer@gmx.ch


LMHI Member Association in Switzerland:

Schweizerischer Verein Homöopathischer Ärztinnen und Ärzte, SVHA
(Swiss Association of Homeopathic Physicians)
Website: www.svha.ch

LMHI Report: Homeopathy in Switzerland

The Swiss society of homeopathic physicians (SVHA) started to harmonize the  education among the different locations of the Swiss Homeopathic Medical School (SHMS). This process intends to collect developed knowledge from all groups of SHMS teachers, to increase numbers of students again and adjust the numbers of teachers for future needs. A highlight is the new internet platform of the French-speaking part ESRHU  (École Suisse Romande d'Homéopathie Uniciste). It inspires the German speaking part to create something likewise.

Currently homeopathy by doctors with a Certificate of Capacity SVHA is paid by Swiss Compulsory Basic Health Insurance until 2017. By then, this political decision has to be revised. The current working agreement in this process is that CAM methods like homeopathy have a long tradition in therapy, education and research