Spain-National Vice President for Spain

Dr. med. Teresa Arraez 

National Vice President from LMHI for Spain.

Institutional LMHI Member (Affiliated Association)

• Academia Medico Homeopatica de Barcelona (AMHB),
• Federación Espanola de Médicos Homeópatas Céfiro (F.E.M.H.),

LMHI Report Spain

Summary of Report:

Good news coming from Barcelona. The AMHB has celebrated its 125thanniversary in April, at the same time as it was admitted in the ACMCB (MedicalScientific Academy), a medical institution that seeks to promote the study andresearch in all fields of health, including now homeopath. It was a hard workled by the President of the AMHB, Dr. Maite Bravo, with the AMHB´s group ofexperts. The academies all around Spain have been actively working to giveseminaries inviting important homeopathic personalities in Sevilla, Barcelona,Oviedo, Madrid. The National Assembly Homeopathy has arranged to get a promiseto celebrate a public discussion in the OMC (Headquarters of the generalmedical organisation in Spain) in October 2015. The opposition against thehomeopathy sceptics is going on. In sight of certain attacks, we have complainedto the public television, and there was a rectification. We have contacted theOffice of the Ombudsman in Madrid and Canary Islands, and got a certainsupport. We have participated in media, public discussions, etc.


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