Slovenia-National Vice President for Slovenia

Dr. Irena Gorišek

National Homeopathic Organization (Institutional LMHI-Member)

• Slovenian Homeopathic Society,



The legal status of homeopathy in Slovenia did not changesince our last report, which means that medical doctors are still not allowedto practice homeopathy without losing their licence for independent work.


On January 27, 2014, we had consultation with the new Human Right Ombudsman. The ombudsman said that she will warn new health minister and the Slovenian Medical Chamber that our rights are violated. She might also request the Constitutional Court to review the constitutionality and legality of the Medical Doctors Service Act,or file a constitutional complaint about a rights violation.


On 17 December 2014, the assembly of the Slovenian Medical Chamber called upon the Ministry of Health to change the restrictive regulations so that the licences of the doctors practising homeopathy would not get revoked. The decision to change the Medical Doctors Service Act, which threatens doctors practising homeopathy with a revocation of licence as a punitive measure, was passed with a 40–18 vote at the Assembly. A day before the assembly meeting the open letters were sent by the President of the LMHI Dr. Renzo Galassi and President of the ECH Dr. Thomas Peinbauer to all members of the Assembly, presidents of medical organisations, deans of medical schools,media and other high politicians and officials.


The Ministry of Health has finally acquired the»historical permission« from the Slovenian Medical Chamber to change the restrictive and discriminatory regulations. This is the first step. Now, the Ministry of Health has to prepare new regulations, which need to be adopted by the National Assembly.