Pakistan-LMHI National Contact Person for Pakistan

Dr. Khalid Massod Qureshi
Pakistan Homoeopathic Medical College,
Muhammad Nagar
Lahore (Punjab)


Country Report: Homeopathy in Pakistan

The Society of Homeopaths Pakistan organized an international workshop with Dr. L. M. Khan on “Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine – its principles and their application” in April 2008. Dr. Khan’s presentation included the following topics: the history of the publication of the various editions of the Organon; aphorisms related to the ideal cure, both in acute and chronic diseases; and the totality of symptoms in the homeopathic consideration of miasms for constitutional prescribing. A second two-day workshop on the “Importance of Family History, Personal History and Repertory analysis in case taking” was held in November 2008 with Dr. Abdul Rehman. He discussed disease as a disturbance of the vital force, and the role of the simillimum in the successful treatment of the patient. Both of these workshops were well attended.