LMHI Netherlands-National Vice-President for the Netherlands

Mw. Hetty N. Buitelaar
Floris Burgwal 194
2907 PL Capelle a.d. IJssel

E-Mail: hettybuitelaar@gmail.com

Affiliated National Organization:

AVIG-homeopathic medicine, www.avig.nl
Country Report: Homeoapthy in the Netherlands

AVIG is an organisation for medical doctors trained in homeopathy, together with the naturopathic doctors, and the doctors for neural and regulation therapy.

The total number of registered homeopathic doctors in the AVIG is 181 and the number is decreasing, due to lack of new doctors interested in homeopathy and the ageing of the members. The number of new members in 2014 was 1 and 5 registered members resigned.

The title homeopathic doctor and the requirements for registration as such, are safeguarded by a committee of quality.

Consultation: Our coordinator of the committee for homeopathy within AVIG has if possible twice a year a meeting with the presidents of the patients organisation (KVHN) and of the organisation for therapists working in the field of classical homeopathy (NVKH) to keep each other informed.

PR-platform: The above mentioned: medical doctors, patients and therapists in the field of homeopathy organise together homeopathy week each year and provide pr-materials to be used to inform the public. The title was in April 2015 “Homeopathy and infectious diseases”. Every therapist and medical doctor practising homeopathy can organize something, but no national big event has taken place.

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