Japan-National Vice-President for Japan

Dr. Ronko Itamura, JPSH
Iidabashi-Hightown 724
Tokyo 162-0822
E-mail: japan@lmhint.net

Institutional LMHI Member (Affiliated Association)

• Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy, www.jpsh.org

SUMMARY:The situation of the homeopathy inJapan is still very severe, the legal restrictions about homeopathy do notexist in Japan. Moreover, the homeopathic medicines are not recognized as medicines by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare and Medicine. After several medical accidents that was caused by the homeopaths who were not medical doctors, the Science Council of Japan made a statement that there was no scientific ground for effects of homeopathy. Homeopathy-bashing has continued in Japan. The population of people who know homeopathy is only about 0.5%.  As the only organization consisting of only medically certified members, the JPSH would like to concentrate further efforts on the spread and development of homeopathy in Japan correctly.