Italy-National Vice President for Italy

Dr. Francesco V. Marino
Via della Divisione Torino 6
00143 ROMA

National Homeopathic Organizations
• Fondazione Omeopatica Italiana (FOI),
• Federazione Italiana Associazioni Medici Omeopati (FIAMO),
• Libera Universita Internationale di Medicina Omeopatica (LUIMO),
• Homeopatia mediterranea sferha

LMHI Country Report

In recent months the Italian Parliament passed legislation for mandatory vaccinations. A persecutory campaign vs whoever dares to criticize this policy was organized: a cardiologist (homeopathic doctor too) was expelled from the Medical Council, even though he was never denounced by patients or condemned in Court. Our Federation strongly supports him. Moreover, we have negotiate a prolongation with the Ministry the deadline for the registration of our medicines (June 30th). We risk to lose at least two thirds of them by next January. Such a “Witch hunt” climate has served to reinforce the unity between the Associations of homeopathic physicians and patients. The last FIAMO National Congresses (Riccione, 2016, March 11th -13th ; Reggio Calabria, 2017 March 24th-26th) were very successful, with excellent guest speakers (H.Frei, F. Master, M. Brunson), as well as Hahnemann Day in Rome and Naples, with a large participation of physicians and the public.