India-LMHI National Vice-President for India

Dr. Satinder Pal Singh Bakshi
Founding Member of LMHI Indian Chaper
President LMHI Congress 2011
A-51, South Extension, Part -I,
New Delhi - 110 049


Institutional LMHI Member Organization:

LMHI Indian Chapter,


Homoeopathy came to India as early as 1810 when a French traveler Dr. Honigberger who studied Homoeopathy under Dr. Samuel Hahnemann visited this country and began treating people with Homoeopathic medicine. In the year 1839, he treated successfully the then ruler of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh for the paralysis of his vocal cords. He was rewarded and was made officer-in-charge of a hospital. This royal patronage helped Homoeopathy take root in India. He later went to Kolkata and started homoeopathic practice there. A large number of missionaries, amateurs in Indian civil and military services practiced Homoeopathy extensively and spread this system mostly in Bengal and South India. Father Augustus Muller was one such missionary who provided homoeopathic treatment at Mangalore. The system continued to flourish under the British rule across the country.