LMHI Ecuador-National Vice-President

Dr. Xavier Godoy Jaramillo
Hospital de Clinicas Pichincha
Veintimilla E384 entre 9 de Octubre y Páez Torre A, 4to Piso, Consult. 406

E-Mail: ecuador[at]lmhint.net

LMHI Affiliated Association (Institutional Member)

Sociedad Medica Homeopatica Ecuadoriana (SOMHE), www.lmhi2013.com

Country Report

Ecuador is the host of the 68th LMHI Congress, 02-04 June 2013 in Quito. The Ecuadorian Homeopathic Medical Society (SOMHE) is a private and non-profit organization with jurisdiction throughout Ecuador, whose members are professional doctors. The Health Ministry recognized SOMHE in 1983. The Ecuadorian Medical Federation recognized homeopathy as a specialty in 1998, giving the members of our society acceptance and prestige. For more than 15 years SOMHE has maintained a popular consultancy, providing education as well as high-level medical professional service and respectful treatment for the underprivileged. The last representative legislative assembly recognized homeopathy in particular and alternative medicines in general, as legal medical practices that must be promoted by the universities and by public and private health services. The Samuel Hahnemann Foundation was created, recognized likewise by the health ministry, in 1998, and occasionally collaborates with SOMHE on common objectives.