LMHI Austria National Vice President for Austria

Dr. Bernhard Zauner
Grieskirchner Straße 43 d
A-4701 Bad Schallerbach

The Higher Administrative Court confirms homeopathy to be legal for medical practitioners only. In 2016 105 ( ÖGHM) and 79 (ÄKH) Austrian Medical Doctors hold an additional diploma in Homoeopathy, are members of a homeopatic association and member of the LMHI. About 50 (ÖGHM) and 31 (ÄKH) MDs, medical students, pharmacists and veterinarians are regularly following the basic educational program. Austrian patients consider homeopathy a very popular method of cure. Attacks against homoeopathy in public media, still being often organized by Sceptics seem to catch less interest of the public. The common PR – campaign for Homeopathy “ Homöopathie als Kassenleistung” is in process, votes for homeopathy are collected, information pro homeopathy is spread.